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Telecommunications is any process that enables one or more users to pass to one or more other users information of any nature delivered in any usable form, by wire, radio, visual, or other electrical, electromagnetic, optical means. The word is derived from the Greek tele, "far off," and the Latin communicare "to share."

A telecommunications network is a system of interconnected facilities designed to carry traffic  from a variety of telecommunications services. The network has two different but related aspects. In terms of its physical components, it is a facilities network. In terms of the variety of telecommunications services that it provides, it can support a set of many traffic networks, each representing a particular interconnection of facilities.

IP Mediation - Inter-MediatE is the telecom industry's leading mediation system.

Carrier Access Billing - InterconnecT CABS allows telecom carriers to bill other carriers.

Billing Mediation - Inter-mediatE is a powerful convergent billing mediation system.

Interconnect Billing - InterconnecT is handles domestic and international settlements.

Service Activation - Inter-activatE provisions network services.

Least Cost Routing - InterconnecT OR offers Optimal Routing for interconnect cost reduction.

Work Order Software - For Businesses, Utilities, and Government Institutions.

Outside Plant Software - Plant Records and Assignment  is outside plant mapping software.

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